Roles needed in a Transformation

When it comes to Transformations all companies are looking for the right team to lead this critical work. Companies, blog posts, white papers, podcasts all talk about this mythical team made up of superstars — but who exactly is this team? What are the right roles for this all-star team? How do they together?

These roles are important as well as the right mix of roles. For example, you are not going to win the World Cup with 11 strikers. Similar to a sports team everyone in a transformation has a role to play.

We all know you need a…

How Can Leaders Get Comfortable Challenging the Status Quo

How can leaders push the proverbial envelop, and get comfortable in extending beyond pre-defined boundaries, and challenging their existing way of working, even if it means failing in transformational efforts?

Episode 053 — Do Processes Align to Channels?

In this episode, we’ll explore the question of how to align business processes and channel management, from the strategic to the tactical perspective.

Episode 052 — When Do You Pivot?

There’s an old song that says, you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ‘em…well, in this episode, we’ll explore the latter part…when to fold, and when to run…and when NOT to.

Episode 051 — So, You Wanna Build a Portal?

What is a portal, and why does everyone think they need one for a business transformation?

Episode 049 — Back to Basics

Sometimes, in an effort to do things right, and get back to the right things, you need to peel away the complexity that plagues many transformation programs. Or, simply said, you need to get back to basics.

Episode 048 — The Impacts of Toxic Leadership

In the political battlefield that is the corporate world, you expect to have a few bad actors…so-called, toxic stakeholders. But what if that bad behavior is coming from the leaders at the top of your organization?

Favourable conditions for platforms

Top six favourable conditions for platforms:

  • Information intensive
  • Non-scalable gatekeepers
  • Extreme information asymmetry
  • High regulation control
  • High failure costs
  • Resource intensive

Episode 047 — No Decision is Still A Decision

Transformations involve a TON of decisions. I know, shocking. And the impact of those decisions can be significant…so better to not make them and avoid a potential mess, right?

Image of a smart city
Service Delivery — The Challenges for the Government

Government agencies can’t call themselves inclusive if they leave behind the most vulnerable segments of society.

Where do these critical digital government breakdowns stem from?

  • Lack of trust in the data
  • Locking raw data out for any innovations
  • Silos within departments and source systems
  • Project mentality vs. ongoing data product mindset with outcomes in mind
  • Architecture is so old, while the requirements are if not real time/time sensitive
  • Lack of talent: data engineers are hard to recruit
  • Everyone wants a change, but nobody wants to change (i.e., data sharing and innovation). People do nothing or are anxious to take bold steps.

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